Hello visitor,

     Thank you for stopping by. Your presence here has me believing that you are a Music and Art Lover. As such, I consider myself lucky to add your name to my list of fabulously musical friends. As your hostess, it is only fair that you know more about me, so here's my bio. Read on and feel free to take a look around.

                Kajessa is a singer/songwriter who started playing guitar at a young age. Music has always played a major role in her life.  She later teamed up with her musical and life partner, Kauvon who has produced all of her music. The rest is history. They now form a writing and producing team to be reckoned with. It goes back to her childhood where her musical parents watched as she grew up to become a music-lover herself. her father thought her her first guitar and piano notes. Being raised in the small country of Haiti, no electricity at night meant music night. Her father would grab his guitar and start playing the traditional Haitian songs the family enjoyed. Together, the whole family would sing and dance through the moonlit nights.

               Her affinity for music grew even stronger when she started teaching herself the singing, songwriting, and guitar-playing methods that her father could no longer teach her since she moved away to the United States. Between nursing school and her 9-to-5 work, Kajessa spent her days in libraries learning and improving her musical craft while her evenings where spent rehearsing or performing as a background singer for Kauvon. She would soon start on her very own project, ‘What If’. ‘What If’ gave her the opportunity to become her very own front act. Together with Kauvon and drummer Gustaff Besungu, she took the road on a 13-city independent tour of East United States that left her wanting more.

              She is now working on a new project that promises to be as daring as enchanting while braking boundaries. Her past exposed her to different styles of music from different continents. A past that continues to influence her music, her song, her style.

              Kajessa’s new direction is geared toward an eerie sound that entices and  enchants. You will find yourself pulled in and before long, you too, will be part of the sound. 

              Kajessa draws her passion from her love for music and her ability to put to paper feelings so deep, words sometimes fail. This song is the completely mad love that one sometimes feels for another. The kind of love that may or may not get you institutionalized...then comes a voice so spell-binding, spectators stop mid-sentence to listen and the unfaithful become believers.

              With thought-provoking lyrics, a sultry voice, and an indie sound, Kajessa’s latest project is a sizzling trip hop creation that is sexy and dangerous. It’s a guilty pleasure one cannot wait to acquire.